Teaching Interests

Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Strategic Human Capital, Technology Management


  • USC Award for Excellence in Teaching, Management and Organizations, 2016
    This award recognizes the top ten PhD student instructors across the University of Southern California.
  • USC Marshall PhD Teaching Award, 2016
    This award recognizes the top two PhD student instructors in the Marshall School of Business.

Teaching Experience

 I taught the core undergraduate Management course of Organizational Behavior and Leadership (BUAD 304) during the summer of 2015. This course examines human behavior in organizations and effective management of people by progressively moving through relevant concepts at the individual, group and organizational levels. Some of the topics covered in this course include motivation, perception and decision making, teams, power and leadership, organizational design, organizational change and organizational culture. I used a combination of lectures, group discussions, case studies, individual and team activities, and experiential learning techniques to teach this course.

I received an instructor rating of 4.94/5.0 (department average = 4.31).

I have also assisted or guest-lectured in other courses related to Organizational Behavior and Decision Making at the MBA and undergraduate levels.

Teaching Philosophy

In the classroom, I seek to create an environment where students can experience learning in a rigorous and fun manner, while developing skills that equip them to effectively tackle business problems.

Therefore, I approach teaching with three fundamental goals: (1) create engagement through relevance, (2) stimulate intellectual growth by creating an open and collegial environment, and (3) encourage a growth mindset.

By accomplishing these three goals, I believe I can help create a positive and engaging learning experience for students.